Top 3 Best Accident and Personal Injury lawyers in Cookeville, TN


What is a personal injury case?

A lot of people assume that a personal injury case comes down to a bottom line dollar figure. The reality is, that is partially correct, which is one reason why Mr. Graves prides himself on his high dollar case successes. However, it is just as important to understand that injury cases involve real people who are experiencing very real and difficult hurdles, both personal and legal, and that it is important to make sure people are fully compensated for their injuries.

Injured persons should also be able to get the medical care they need, the past, present, and future, and should not be at risk of losing their health, mobility, financial position, and their peace of mind when someone else is at fault for causing the injury in the first place. The end goal is about getting the best financial recovery available, making sure the client receives the best possible medical care and making sure the client’s rights and future are protected under the law. Reaching that result involves many complexities and hurdles that a client is generally not initially aware of, especially if you have never been involved in a personal injury matter.

Finding a lawyer that crates your values and helps you to protect your right is very hard. Especially when it comes to personal injury. Whether it’s a workplace injury or a car accident, protecting your right and having justice is the most important thing.

In Cookeville, TN where’s it’s only one Cookeville, the population is not that big. only 30,000 people live in Putnam county. And 10,000 are actually students in Tennessee Tech University.

In this article, we are going to find the best lawyer that will help you and also take good care of you in your time of need. We have researched the whole internet to find these best lawyers for you. Most of the testimonials and ratings are carefully given by our special analysis.

#1 Edward M graves III (Accident and personal injury lawyer)

Top 3 Best Accident and Personal Injury lawyers in Cookeville, TN 1

Mr Edward is a personal injury lawyer serving in the State of Tennessee both state and federal matters. If you ever have an accident or injury in your work place and you want proper compensation then you can give a call to Mr Edward. He will take care of your issue personally.

Education: Bachelor: University of Tennessee (1997)

Law: University of Tennessee law school (Doctor of Jurisprudence)

Free consultation: Yes
Expertise: Personal injury, auto accident injury, workspace injury, worker’s compensation, wrongful death, 
Address:  Graves Edward M III Law Office 19 S Jefferson Ave. Ste 200 Cookeville, TN 38501
Lawyers Tank Rating 10/10

Mr Edward will be a perfect fit for your hunt of personal injury lawyers. We have checked all the online reviews of Mr Edward and he seemed like a down to earth person who will take care of his client. That’s why we are rating him #1 spot in our list.

#2 Henry D Fincher (former state attorney and former judge)

Top 3 Best Accident and Personal Injury lawyers in Cookeville, TN 2


In our second list, Mr. Henry D Fincher is our choice. Mr. Fincher is a certified Civil trial specialist. He is a certified family law and elder law specialist. He has been helping people for more than 20 years.


Education Harvard law school
Free consultation No
Expertise Personal injury, senior law, accidental law
LawyersTank Rating 9.5/10

Mr. Henry is a competent lawyer who takes care of this clients, throughout our research Mr Henry seemed to be a family lawyer for a lot of clients for more than 10 years, and clearly for your legal representation he will be the best fit. As he was a former judge and also a prosecutor for the state he is our top choice in this spot.

#3 Gordon A. Byars

bryars attorney in personal injury cookeville

After extensive research Mr Gordon is our 3rd choice. He is one of the prominent and experienced attorney in Cookeville. He is a criminal defence attorney as well as a personal injury attorney.

Mr Gordon was born in las vegas, Nevada. At the very early age he moved to the west of Tennessee and has been living there ever since. He gradually settled in Cookeville, Tn to raise his family.


Education Tennessee Technological University, University of Tennessee Knoxville (Law)
Free consultation Yes
Expertise Personal injury, drug charges, criminal defense, domestic violation, probation violation, theft, sex crimes, drug charges. 
LawyersTank Rating 9.0/10

If you are looking for a lawyer for your felony charges or personal injury that happened during the accident Mr. Gordon is the best lawyer for you. he offer free consultation and will listen to your case. During our investigation, we found a lot of happy clients from his firm.

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