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What Are The Documents Required for a Marriage Green Card


A list of Green Card documents that USCIS has listed is as follows.

But By the following pictorial representation, we have explained how the process of getting a green card through marriage takes place

green card through marriage Form


  • Birth Certificate

Birth certificate of both the one who is sponsoring and the one who is seeking Green Card are obliged to submit their birth certificate. And the certificate must include the date of birth, place of birth, parents’ name, and signature and seal of the government or issuing authority.

  • Marriage Document

The marriage certificate is the most important document that can not be ignored especially if the marriage has taken place in a foreign land. The certificate must include Name of Groom and Bride, Place of marriage, date of marriage, and the certificate must have issued by an authority.

  • Financial documents

The one who is sponsoring must provide all the information about his/her income and assets. He/she has to provide that info so that authorities understand that one can take care of his/her spouse.

  • USA Citizenship proof of the one who is sponsoring

Either one has to provide documents related to his/her citizenship or if one is a green card holder then he/she must provide the information about that.

  • Proof of arrival

One who is seeking a card if he/she is already in the USA and living here on Visa will have to provide the details of his/her arrival. This must include ticket/ boarding pass/ or any other document that supports that one has lawfully entered into the country.

  • No criminal record

Seeker of the green card must not have any criminal record or proceedings against him. USCIS may ignore the marriage certificate for once but if someone has a criminal case against him/her then they certainly will not accept the application. And it is the responsibility of the one who is applying to give all the history of their clean record.

  • Divorce certificate ( if happened)

Being married is not a crime but seeking marriage green cards when you are still married to someone is a crime. And hiding facts from authority is also coming under the same rule. If one was ever married and has lawfully parted their ways then one who is seeking or sponsoring will have to provide the record of divorce.



  • Current/ expired Visa

Expired Visa will serve the same purpose what proof of arrival does. But it will also let the USCIS know whether a person who is seeking a green card is residing in the country legally or illegally. And whether his Visa has expired or not, they may consider expediting the process seeing one’s visa is expiring shortly.

  • Immigration record of no violation

If one who is seeking marriage Green Card will have to provide the details of deportation if one has faced any. USCIS will consider the reason for whether it was a genuine one or not. But that is up to authority and they have the only right to decide that.

  • Properly vaccinated and Medical record

One should keep in mind that USCIS may ask for the medical certificate which will state that one who is applying for a green card has no such medical condition that may harm the society. I-693 is the form that one will have to fill and submit it at the USCIS office sealed in an envelope.

  • Fees

I-130 = $535

I-485 = $1140 (If Applicant in the USA)

I-864 = $120 (If Applicant is living abroad)

Biometric = $85

State Department Processing fee = $325

US Immigrant fee = $220

For detail information about fees click on the link ( USCIS Fees )




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