F1 USA Student visa experience August 9th 2019


Applicant Name: Milani S

Status: Rejected.

The following interview was conducted by a Visa officer . The case of this immigration interview is a real life based scenario. The approval and rejection of the applicant depends on the law an discretion of the visa officer. All cases are different and they are reviewed by person to person.

Visa location: India


VO: Why are you going to US
Me: To pursue advanced masters in Regulatory affairs
VO: Why Regulatory affairs
Me: I’m working as Research associate in FMCG company. Having knowledge in Regulatory affairs will make me aware of the regulations with the molecules and ingredients I work with. this will help me take a decision if I need to further invest time on working on the same ingredient or not. Also my present company can give me a managerial position if I have this degree
VO: Your qualification?
Me: Masters in Biotechnology
VO: Are you single?
me: I’m divorced
VO: What about your finances?
Me: I have a savings of Rs 35 lakhs, since I have been working for 9 years. My family has an asset of x CR. As a backup my paternal uncle too can support my education , he has a savings of 42 lakhs. Bt my i20 says I just need 26 lakhs for 1 year.
VO: Where is your uncle?
Me: We stay in same house
VO: Your visa is rejected under 214 (b) , you can re apply

What is 214(b) of visa rejection?

Every alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes to the satisfaction of the
consular officer, at the time of application for admission, that he is entitled to a nonimmigrant

What can be done to prevent this ?

A lot of factors are working in favor of the visa officers discretion.

  1. They see if you have strong ties to your country.
  2. If you going to come back after your studies.
  3. If you have insufficient balance to pursue your studies. In this case, they VO will think you can work illegally to fund your studies.
  4. If your school has a record for breaking immigration law by students there’s a good chance the VO are aware of the school.


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