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Green Card Marriage Latest Detailed Timeline to Get


Green Card marriage is one of the processes which many people adapt to get citizenship in the USA. But many don’t know how long does it take. It’s a very common belief that once you get married to any citizen, the government will instantly provide you, Green Card Marriage.

But it’s not true, due process takes almost 9 to 40 months depending upon the conditions like whether you have married to a US citizen or green card holder who is living abroad or simply green card holder living in the USA.

To understand it better let us explain in detail how long does it take to get Green Card Marriage


The one who is currently living in the USA along with his/her US citizen spouse

If someone who is the US citizen and seeking Green Card marriage for his/her spouse presently living together should follow the steps mentioned below

  • Make your relation official by applying Form I-130 which is also known as “Petition for an alien relative” and apply for the Green Card at the same time by filing Form I-485. If you follow this process it will take 8-11 months to get residentship.
  • Officials will call you for an interview within 1-2 months so make sure you have all the documents and full explanation ready.
  • USCIS takes interview ver seriously. Avoid giving them any reason for rejecting your application. Your application will be approved within 2-3 months


The one who is living in the USA along with his/her US Green Card holder spouse



If someone who has a Green Card and is seeking the same for his/her spouse is advised to follow the steps to get the Card in time.

  • First and most important make your relation official by filing Form I-130. In the Green Card holder case it takes a maximum of 12-16 months.
  • Apply for Card by filing Form I-485 and follow Visa Bulletin for 8-9 months depending upon when your file came in that bulletin.
  • Interview and approval take 1-2 months


The one who is living abroad seeking Green Card marriage and his/her spouse is the US citizen


It is the procedure for the one who has married to a citizen of the USA and oneself living in abroad seeking permanet immigration. Well, first of all, it is possible to apply for permanent immigration while living outside the country. US permanent immigration law provides this facility in certain cases like marriage. But it’s on the spouse who is the citizen to prove that both of them are in a relationship and wishes his/her spouse to be allowed to live in the USA. Again as mentioned above for this there is a due process.

  • Filing Form I-130 is mandatory for everyone who is seeking a Green Card marriage. USCIS takes almost 7-8 months in processing one’s application.
  • Once the process is done apply for permanent immigration through the National Visa Center Application. This may take 4-6 months to process.
  • After that officials will call one for the interview and if everything goes well, officials will approve the application.


The one who is living abroad seeking Green Card Marriage and his/her spouse is Green Card holder living in the USA

If you are thinking of moving to the USA permanently to your husband or wife who is a Green Card holder in the United States of America then go through all the steps we have mentioned down below. And Yes, it is possible to get Green Card Marriage despite not being physically present there.

  • I-130 Form, no matter what if you are seeking Green Card Marriage this is the door you will have to knock first. It may take almost 12-16 months to get a first response from the officials.
  • Once you pass the stage, congratulations, now follow the Visa Bulletin till the availability of the card. It may take 8-10 months. So you must have good patience ability.
  • Then apply for Green Card marriage through the National Visa Application center or at the USA embassy as you are not physically present in the country.
  • Officials will call you for the interview within 2-3 months. Once they are satisfied they will approve your application.



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