3 Steps to green card through marriage in United States

What is a green card?

A green card is a piece of card that gives a foreign national to live in the United States permanently and work. A green card holder can work, travel and bound by the state and federal law. Also, they can apply for food stamps, education and in-state tuition in the states except the right to vote in an election. This article will guide you on how to get a green card through marriage.


Green card application process


Green card through marriage

When a foreign national marries a US citizen or a green card holder he can apply for a green card through adjustment of status process and later can apply to become US citizen through naturalization.

How do I get a marriage green card?

  1. Establish the marriage relationship. (bona fide)
  2. Apply for the green card
  3. Attend the marriage interview

Establish the marriage relationship:

Needless to say, your marriage needs to be genuine and a proper marriage. You both need to fall in love with one another and decide to spend the life together when you tie the knot. When you get an interview with the visa officer it’s your burden to prove that your marriage has been establish by loving each other.

If you can not prove that your marriage is not real but to get an immigration benefit you will most like be prosecuted with marriage fraud, and if found guilty then you will be prisoned not more than 5 years and will not fine more than 250,000$. – 8 U.S.C Section 1325

Step 1: Create your application package

  1. Government Filing fee 535$
  2. Proof that the sponsoring person is a US citizen or a green cardholder. (copy of passport or green card)
  3. Proof that the marriage is not fraudulent. (Proof of joint bank account, Living under the same address, a joint lease or pictures together)
  4. Proof that any previous marriage either the spouse has been terminated (divorce papers)
  5.  I 130 Form with filled information (application for green card)

Once the I-130 package is complete, it needs to be sent to the USCIS address. USCIS will send an acknowledgement receipt if everything is in order, typically within 2 weeks.


Step 2: Establishing the spouse’s eligibility for green card

  1. For foreign nationals living inside the United State: If the spouse is living inside the United States and is on a valid visa (no violation or overstay) then he needs to file for form i-485 (adjustment of status). The i-485 is filed with USCIS and its primary purpose is to establish the eligibility for green card.Elements of i-485 package:
    1) Government Filing fees 1225$ (1140+85 biometric fee)
    2) Proof of nationality of the spouse seeking green card.
    3) Proof of lawful entry to the United States (i94)
    4)Medical Examination (Approved by USCIS doctor)
    4) Proof of the US citizen that can support the spouse. A letter of affidavit.
  2. For foreign nationals living outside of the United States: This i485 Form will be concurred with i130 file and will be processed with the USCIS. USCIS typically process this within 9-11 Months.

Step 3: Attending a green card and interview and awaiting approval

This step’s main purpose is to conduct an interview with an immigration officer to determine the eligibility and authenticity of the marriage. The questions are focused on the couple’s relationship goals if the marriage, in fact, is in good faith. If the interviewing officer has sufficient information that the marriage is in legit he will approve the green card right away.

Here are some tips for a successful interview:

  1. Be truthful. A little misunderstanding can happen in any couple’s life, that’s what makes it a bond. If the immigration officer asks you any question be truthful.
  2. If the age difference long explains why you both fall in love with one another.
  3. If you met both of your parents take family pictures, those help a lot.

In fine, A green card marriage process is a little bit difficult but well worth. If you are reading this article we congratulate you on your new life and journey.

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