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How does a divorce affect social security benefits


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Divorced? Here’s how it will affect your Social Security

A large ninety one of american citizens over the age of fifty do not perceive what factors verify the quantity they will doubtless receive in Social Security advantages, a survey from the Nationwide Retirement Institute found.

There are many factors that may have an effect on what quantity you receive in Social Security advantages, like the age at that you claim, whether or not you continue operating once you claim advantages, and the way abundant you attained throughout the years you paid into Social Security.

One issue that is straightforward to overlook, however, is divorce. If you’re presently unmarried and were married for a minimum of ten years, you or your adult may be earning a lot of in Social Security advantages than you think that.

How divorce affects Social Security

Not all unmarried couples are eligible to receive further advantages once they begin claiming Social Security, and there are sure needs you will have to fulfill.

The first issue to contemplate is however your advantages compare to your ex-spouse’s. If you’re receiving a lot of in Social Security advantages than your adult (or if you haven’t claimed however however are expected to receive over your ex-spouse), you are not eligible for any further cash every month. however if you are receiving less every month than your ex, you’ll be eligible for a rise in advantages supported your ex-spouse’s work record.

Assuming you are receiving but your adult in advantages, there are a couple of different needs you’ll have to fulfill. First, you and your former better half got to are married for a minimum of ten years, and you can’t presently be married (although it does not matter whether or not your adult has remarried or not). so as to start out claiming advantages, you furthermore may got to be a minimum of sixty two years recent.

Social Security, divorce lawyers

If you and your adult are sufficiently old to file for advantages however your ex hasn’t claimed them however, you’ll be able to still claim your advantages supported their work record if you have got been unmarried for a minimum of 2 years. Also, if you are eligible for advantages supported your own work record, that cash are going to be paid out 1st. Then if you are additionally eligible to receive additional advantages supported your ex-spouse’s record, you may receive an extra quantity every month.

Exactly what quantity additional you may receive depends on the age at that you claim. so as to receive the total quantity you are entitled to, you will have to attend till your full retirement age (FRA) – that is either age sixty six, 67, or somewhere in between. If you claim before then (as early as age 62), your advantages are going to be reduced. By waiting till your FRA, presumptuous you are eligible to receive advantages supported your ex-spouse’s record, you’ll be able to receive half the quantity he or she is receiving in advantages.

One last item to stay in mind is that no matter what quantity somebody is receiving in advantages supported their ex-spouses record, it does not have an effect on what quantity the opposite person or their current better half receives in advantages. So if, say, your ex-wife is receiving advantages supported your record, your and your current wife’s advantages won’t be reduced as a result.

Social Security, divorce lawyers

Social Security in action: A theoretic example

Figuring out whether or not you’ll be able to claim advantages supported associate degree ex-spouse’s record and conniving what you’d really receive is difficult and confusing. therefore let’s look into a theoretic example to create it a touch easier to know.

Let’s say you and your husband were married twenty years, and you ne’er remarried once the divorce. Your FRA is sixty seven years recent, and if you claim at that age, you would be receiving $1,000 per month supported your own work record and earnings. Your man, however, is presently receiving $2,500 per month in advantages. as a result of you were married a minimum of ten years, you are unmarried currently, and you are eligible to receive less in advantages than your adult, you’ll be able to apply for advantages supported your ex-husband’s record.

For simplicity’s sake, as an instance you wait till your FRA to say. By doing therefore, you may receive the total $1,000 you are entitled to supported your own record. supported your ex-husband’s work record, you are eligible to receive half what he is receiving, or $1,250 per month. With adult advantages, you are not allowed to “double dip” – which means you will not receive your $1,000 and $1,250 supported your ex-husband’s record. Rather, you may receive your $1,000 and an extra $250 per month in order that your total profit quantity is adequate half what your adult is receiving in advantages.

Social Security, divorce lawyers

Also, all the conventional Social Security restrictions still apply here. So if, as an example, you claim sooner than your FRA, your advantages are going to be reduced. And if you continue operating once claiming advantages, you’ll see a (temporary) reduction in advantages still, looking on what quantity you are earning.


Social Security advantages will appear complicated, and there are several factors that contribute to what quantity you may receive every month. however by understanding what quantity you are entitled to and whether or not you are eligible for extra advantages, you’ll be able to maximize your monthly checks – and luxuriate in a a lot of financially stable retirement.

It’s no secret that a big range of marriages finish in divorce.

Couples over the age of fifty especially are experiencing higher rates of divorce, with their numbers doubling between 1990 and 2014. folks aged fifty or older created up regarding V-day of all Americans WHO got single in 1990; that figure jumped to twenty fifth by 2014.1 an enormous question for those facing divorce when fifty could also be however it might impact social insurance advantages.

The basics of social insurance and divorce.

If your wedding lasted a minimum of ten years, you’ll file a claim supported your ex’s profit if all the subsequent points are true:

  • You’re age sixty two or older and divorced.
  • Your adult qualifies for social insurance retirement or incapacity advantages.
  • The social insurance profit you’re qualified for is a smaller amount than your single spouse’s profit.

If you begin grouping your single spouse’s profit at your full retirement age (FRA), you’ll typically receive 1/2 what his or her full profit quantity would be at FRA. If you file for it before FRA, the profit quantity are going to be reduced.

It’s additionally vital to understand that if your adult is eligible for social insurance advantages however not nevertheless grouping them, you’ll still file a claim supported his or her profit if you’re eligible. you would like to possess been single for a minimum of 2 years.

Social Security, divorce lawyers

A bit on the far side the fundamentals.

Generally, if somebody is grouping social insurance as a single spousal equivalent, it won’t impact the ex-spouse’s profit quantity or what quantity the ex-spouse’s new husband, wife, or youngsters might receive. Let’s contemplate the subsequent example:

John and Sally are married for fifteen years so divorce. Sally is eligible for a single spouse’s social insurance profit at age sixty two if divorced.

John remarries Jennifer and that they have four youngsters.

When John becomes eligible to gather social insurance, the number that Sally collects as associate degree adult won’t cut back what John, Jennifer, or their youngsters will receive if and once eligible.

Also, if you’re eligible for social insurance advantages supported your own work record associate degreed eligible to assert as an adult, you can’t “double dip.” as an example, say you’re eligible for $100 per month supported your own earnings record and eligible for $300 per month supported your ex’s record. the most monthly profit you’ll receive would be the larger of the 2 amounts, or $300 — not the add of the 2 amounts.

Divorce will be difficult, and social insurance concerns will create matters even additional therefore.

The additional you recognise regarding however social insurance works in divorces, the higher equipped you’ll be to navigate this difficult landscape must you or somebody you recognise be moon-faced with it.

Social Security, divorce lawyers


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