How ICE is tracking F-1 visa/B1-B2 Visa violation and ICE raids 2019


Needless to say under President trump administration immigration and it’s enforcement is reaching at it’s peak. This year 2019 ICE has detained more than 400,000 people that are inside the United States. After interviewing multiple inmates at the detention facilities we have covered how ICE is locating, and raiding people who are in violation of their visa and deporting them. (ICE raids 2019)

ICE locate people:

ice radar

When you are popped in the system of ICE, first an ICE agent is given the file. then he will look at your current offense history. If you are thinking you are only in violation with visa , and your record is clear you extremely wrong. Whenever someone pops in ICE’s radar that means ICE is coming for you. Not today, Not tomorrow but soon enough.

The person who starts investigating your location is called an agent, sometimes an officer. He will first look at your social media (Facebook, instagram, Facebook groups)

Visa Violation:

What is a visa violation?
When you enter in the United States you are given some terms. For example an F-1 student can not work without the DHS authorization. If he is found working he is in violation of his visa. After the violation of visa his time in United States is unauthorized, and F1 student visa deportation is initiated and he needs to return to his home country or any other country. Unless he will face the consequence of getting banned for 5-10 years depending on the violation. Repeated violation of the program can ban him for forever.

Same goes with b2 or any other visa category violation. Staying in the country without the authorization from DHS is primary called violation is a level one crime.

Social Media Tracking:

According to an interview with a person at ICE detention facility, the person claimed the ICE spied on him on Facebook groups that he was residing in that location. Tracking his posts about buying or selling or simply in any kind of conversation. That location’s mutual friend’s location etc. That means let’s say you arrived in NY but later drove to California, Los angles. took pictures and shared them online. There’s a good chance that the local ICE agents or office have been notified of your location.

Checking Public Records:

If you donated blood to local hospital, took HIV, STD test or simply went for a doctor’s visit all data is being passed in State or county’s data base. As ICE agents are federal agents they have access to these data and can locate your location.

They even can track your new car’s registration number and can locate your place.

Tracking Car’s location using city cameras:

ice raids

If you are living in big cities like NY, los angles, queens, orlando, miami the city security camera are tracking you all the time. They constantly check car reports for stolen inquiry. By putting your name in the system and linking the driver license and plate ICE can locate your location.

What to do during an ICE raid :

ice raids on visa violation

After locating the target the ICE agents will set up a time and date to arrest the person. Usually they come early in the morning when everyone is sleeping.

When ICE agents come here are some things you need to do while preparing for an ICE raid:

  1. Don’t open the door.
  2. ICE can’t come inside the house unless they have an arrest warrant signed by the immigration judge. But they can arrest your from anywhere they can.
    Imagine, you didn’t open the door that night but you went¬† outside the very next day, they can arrest you right then and there.
  3. Don’t resist arrest. They can press charges against you if you don’t comply with their instructions.
  4. They can arrest you, your wife, your children, or any person that’s around you who doesn’t have the right to be in the United States or is in violation of their visa.
  5. If you get a hold by county jail for immigration hold ICE will come and take you in their custody.

Map of ICE raids in NYC

ICE raids in NYC

After you are arrested in ICE raids:

After you are arrested there is 10% chance that you can come back to normal life or can stay in the United States. There’s so many people are being arrested without any records and still they are being deported in the same cloths that they get arrested. It’s very hard ICE will let you out from their custody. Even from the day getting arrested till you arrive in your home country cuffed.


After you get arrested they will put you in a classification zone which is usually take place in county jail.

If you have a criminal history you will be put to a high prison but if you don’t have a criminal history except the violation in your visa you will be help in a low prison called “ICE detention” centers located all over the country.

If you get inside the detention tell your friends and family not to panic. Look for your name in the Ice detention inmate location center by going through this link:

They will take your bio metric (fingerprints) information and will assign you an A (Alilen) number. This number will store as your case file. any future request you make regarding immigration or visa application they will see your A number.

After that you will be presented to see before an Immigration judge where he will decide your fate. The Federal government or ICE will charge you for various reason why you are subject to removal or why ICE has the power to deport you.

For example: let’s say you came in USA in 2004 in F-1 student visa. After completing your studies you didn’t return to your home country or you didn’t finish your school or course, or you worked illegally. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will charge your based on your visa violation. It’s very easy for the government attorney or prosecutor to prove the charges. You can hire your own lawyer or you can ask for a pro bono (free lawyer).

What are the chances of getting out from detention centers:

It’s very hard during the Trump administration to get out as your fate depends on the immigration judge himself. There’s been reports where an immigration judge gives judgement based on his mindset.

You can apply for a bond hearing. A bond is a guaranty from you to the DHS that you will not run away, you will attend in all your court hearing and you will abide by the rule of Immigration judge after the case is finished. The bond amount starts from 1500$ – 1 Million dollar. A judge can deny your bond.

Why you qualify for a Bond?
1) Family ties: If you have any family relation in United States: Mother, Father, Wife/husband, Son/Daughter, Siblings.
2) Community Ties: If you have any community ties or relation in United States. For example: Church, School, College
3) Asset: If you have any houses or business in United States.

Even all of these a judge can deny your bond or post high bond. There’s been cases where a detainee has no criminal records, but the judge denied his bond because “he feels”.

You can appeal a judge’s decision but you will have to wait another 3-6 months for the result of appeal to come back.

If you or your family member been detained by ICE agents or immigration officials please don’t waste any time, speak with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to know the situation.




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