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Can Military Spouse Get Green Card Through Marriage?


Military spouse marriage green card is the way that even some of the serviceman does not know. We all know how difficult a soldier’s life is and how much sacrifices they do for the country. But in the end, they are also human beings who seek love in their life.

Question is most of the time because of their duty they spend time abroad. What if someone finds love over there and wants to start a family with his/her in the United States of America.

Is it possible? yes definitely it’s possible, USCIS has provided guidelines to make it possible. Follow the due process and take your love of life to the place where you born and brought up. And to help one in that here we have jotted down all the steps that one should follow:

Step 1: USCIS eligibility criteria for Military Spouse

First and most important check for eligibility, what government has asked and how one can fulfill it. It is necessary especially if you applying while living abroad as you can end up doing things in the wrong way. In general, USCIS has put three conditions that every individual needs to fulfill.

  • For Military serviceman spouse sponsorship
    • One should not be in active service and has a good income source to sustain both.
    • No criminal record.
  • For spouse applying for Green Card
    • Current Immigration status, nationality, and a valid ID.
    • No past record of crime or deportation from the USA.
  • For both
    • Authentic proof of their wedding or relationship.
    • Proof of divorce of previous marriage if any happened in the past.
    • Documents of everything including documents of military service.

Step 2: Appear for Military Spouse Green Card at USCIS office or at US consulate

Again two conditions

  • Who is sponsoring military spouse is the USA citizen or Green Card holder.
  • Whether the one who is seeking Green Card has already present in the country or not

For Green Card Holder: his/her spouse does not have to leave the country if he/she has a valid visa or work permit. They can apply for spouse green card while living in the country

For USA Citizen: his/her spouse doesn’t need to have a visa or work permit. He/she can live in the country and apply for the green card.


This may take 10 – 38 months depending upon the number of applications filed for the green card the same year. For USA citizen the process takes lesser time with respect to the green card holder.

Step 3: Cost for applying residentship

$1200 – $1760 is the fee that one needs to pay for the whole process. Also, you will be asked for the medical examination which will cost you separately up to $100 – $500.

Step 4: Interview

USCIS conducts an interview for the verification that whether your marriage is legitimate or not. Keeping in mind that don’t give them any hint or wrong idea because for a military green card USA government after 9/11 takes every single precaution and rejects an application every year on a large scale.

Step 5: Approval

If the couple is living in the United States of America then within 2-3 weeks green cards will come to their place by post.

But the marriage plays a very important role in getting the right Green Card that is one with 10-years validity. And to get this green card couple marriage should have passed at least 2 years. Otherwise, one will get the temporary Green Card and will have to appear again after 2 years at USCIS office for 2nd interview.


congratulations for successfully getting your green card. Now know How to apply for U.S citizenship through marriage


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