5 Tips when police stops you on traffic stop


If you ever stopped by police while driving you probably know what kind of experience you had. Sometimes good sometimes bad. Personally I was stopped by Florida police 3 times in my life.
If you don’t know what to talk or how to act you might get in big trouble with the police and spend your life behind bars.

Here are 10 Things you should do when you are stopped by police:

1) Do not open your windshield fully:

When you are stopped by law enforcement, they can not initiate sobriety or intoxication or any kind of drug test unless they have probable cause. Open your window shield to that extent where you can hear and you can talk. Keep your license, proof of insurance and car registration near with you,

2) Do not let them search your car:

When a law enforcement officer ask to search your car, do not let them. There have been cases where rough and corrupt officers putting cocaine, meth etc in their victim’s car without their knowledge, and the victims paid the price.
So please do not give permission to search your car in any situation. 

3) Keep your Documents ready

Make sure you have your valid driver license, car registration and car insurance ready all the time. put those in a small plastic bag and give those to the officer. Do not answer any questions, if the officer tell you the reason to stop “Dont say anything back, Do not argue”

4) Keep your conversation short

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the stop and try to befriend with the law enforcement. Please dont do that. It’s always better to give short answer and keep the conversation short. There’s a lot of bad police out there who’s ego depends on how many arrest they can make. Sometimes even a little word can pose a big threat to your rights. Keep your words short and simple. For example:


Officer: Where are you coming from?
Person: From work
Officer: Where do you work?
Person: As an engineer (Dont disclose your workplace/employer)
Officer: Where are you going?
Person: Home.
Officer: Where is your home?
Person: Exact location?
Officer: Yes
Person: I can’t disclose any personal information. Sorry.

If an officer ask you a very personal question, you have to stay silent or just say I can’t speak without an attorney

Make sure to be respectful to the officer. Don’t be grumpy, smile .

5) Always turn on your dashcam, your mobile camera or any kind of camera devices

When you are stopped please make sure to record all your interaction with the officer at any given moment. A video will prove better than the word of your mouth.


Here’s a list of penalties if you are convicted of any DUI


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