The trump administration is denying H1-B visa at a higher rate in 2019, Expected to be more in 2020


What’s an H1-B visa?

An H1-B visa is a type of visa which allows a foreign national to work in such a category where no other American citizen or green card holder can fill the job.

Because of this scrutiny Trump administration is rejecting more H1b visa applicant than before. Already 80% of applicant’s visa has been denied and more than 10% of other visa is pending due to Request for evidence term.

Earlier his office takeover he promised “Buy american hire american ” initiative which promised to bring back jobs for american citizen. After signing the executive orders the H1b visa approval rate came down from 98% to 85% within 2 years.


A rise of rejection in H1B visa

H-1B visas, also known as tech visas, are temporary work permits filed by American businesses that want to hire high-skilled immigrants for jobs where there’s a shortage of domestic workers. The visas are widely used by the technology industry, but H-1Bs are also issued to universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and management consultants.



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