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Every year thousands of students from outside of the United States apply for student visa. And a quite number of students get the visa while a large number of students don’t qualify for a student visa.

What is a USA student visa?

A visa that categories for foreign nationals to come to the united states legally, and engage in academical studies of respectable schools and colleges or universities.

Usually, there are some types of USA student visas

  1. F-1 student Visa
  2. J-1 Student Visa (exchange student)
  3. M Visa (vocational or training visa)

Without any further ado let’s get right into the spot.

  1. Reach the consulate at least 1 hours early before your interview.
  2. When you enter the consulate you will be required to give your biometric information (fingerprints).
  3. Then you will be taken where visa officers are present. They will conduct an interview with you through a bulletproof glass.
  4. You will be assigned a visa officer. He will first ask you to pass your passport through the slide, and necessary documents.
  5. Usually, a visa officer asks some specific questions to determine your eligibility.
    1. Which school are you going to? (academic information)
    2. Who is funding your studies?
    3. What’s your plan after graduation?

All these questions are linked to the visa success rate. sometimes they will put you on administrative process for further investigation. They can call your bank or previous school for verification of your documents. Any kind of false information or fabricated information is a crime for visa processing and it can lead to a temporary or permanent ban for applying for the visa.

USA student visa interview questions

Which school are you going to?

Visa officers knows good school like Harvard, yale. But at the same time, they also know community college or mid-level state schools. But they will find inconsistency in your words if your intention is different than studying.


If you get admitted to a top-ranked school they will not ask you questions. But if you apply for community college or mid-level college they will ask further about subjects, how did you know about the school and why do you want to study only in this school.

You must answer honestly. If you have less savings or get a good scholarship that will cover your expense tell that to the visa officer. Also, it’s better to manage funds beforehand to lower the overall cost of fees. Also, tell the officer the place that you are going to is cheap and affordable.

Who is funding your studies?

It’s very important as visa officer see if you are going to work illegally to fund your studies. If your father makes good amount of money, of course, he is not going to pay you everything. Tell the officer you worked part-time or you saved some money. Also, mention if you got a on-campus employment like TA or RA. Be clear and honest. Please remember that an F1 visa and work authorization is not available if granted. You need to apply for CPT for getting work permit.

What’s your plan after graduation?

Having a solid plan for the future is a must. specially when you are going to a foreign country and don’t plan it can cause suspicion.
You can tell the VO that you will look for a job or you will come back to the country. but don’t tell you will stay illegally or look for a job in the USA as it goes against the national immigration act of USA. If the visa officer feels he will reject your visa and issue you 240 (b) slip which means you are not eligible for a visa.


Hope this post will help you. let us know in the comment your thought.



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