What you can and can’t do under USA Student visa

Student visa:

A student visa is a type of visa where the United states government grant you to come to the united states and stay for a period of time. This visa is the most sought after visa throughout the world. It gives  a foreign national to enter and start his education with US universities or school and engage in conventional events.

But every year Department of homeland security cancels or revokes visas of many foreign students because of some mistakes they make while on their visa.

Here are the reasons why a foreign student’s visa might get revoked :

  1. Unauthorized employment: If a student engages in unauthorized employment his student visa will be revoked instantly. Most students, especially from Latin America and asia, take jobs such as a waiter or working in the restaurants or gas stations. If a student official see the student he is by law legally bind to report the student to Immigration or USCIS. 
  2. Driving under influence: If a student is found driving a vehicle while drunk his student visa may get revoked due to the state’s pressing charges. At that moment, he may also be considered a threat to the community.
  3. Drug-related charges: If an international student is caught using, carrying, sharing any controlled substance (cocaine, meth or heroin) he will be charged with the state’s drug law and can be prosecuted. His student visa automatically revoked, Worse after finishing his sentence, he may be subject to removal (deportation) to his native country.
  4. Moral value: Sometimes a student can be found in violation of the school’s ethics code. Such as threatening teacher or class students, using deceptive ways to pass, or destroying school’s properly. The DSO of the school can revoke his student visa and he may be subject to deportation.
  5. Conspiracy against the US government or engage in terrorism act: It’s very unfortunate that many people come to the united states who can engage in such heinous acts. Many students around the world are coming to the united states for better education hence, a better future.
    A recent attack on US citizen by foreign national , who came here only to engage in educational purposes.
    Any kind of involvement or conspiracy against the US government of any kind of engagement of terrorism act will automatically revoke a student’s student visa. and worse, he will face a lot of legal problems including detention, jail time and ultimately deportation.<
  6. Unauthorized drop from school: Just imagine one day you decided you dont wanna go to school and just live in USA for good, well this is a big problem, your sevis record will be show that you dropped school unauthorized and if you ever get in touch with ICE or any border patrol official you might get deported. This situation is very common in USA. Most people with such a situation have no status, as a result, they don’t have work authorization. In this kind of situation the only relife is to adjust your status by marrying a USA citizen or a green card holder. To know about getting a green card through marriage read this post 

Hopefully, this post will help you understand better about what you can or can not do while you are on a student visa. If you have any question please feel free to ask in the comment section. 


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