What to Prepare for US Citizenship Interview


US Citizenship Interview, once you are done with submitting an application and biometric verification, officials will call you for an interview on a specific day. In between, they do all the background checking and if there is no flaw, officials will call you after 5-6 months. That means in between you have very much time preparing for the interview.


What USCIS officer ask

On the interview day, the USCIS officer will ask you questions from your naturalization application and the questions from the US citizenship test that will take place the same day.

And if you are thinking that it is too much to prepare well for that we are here to help you. In this article, we will provide you complete info about what to prepare and what not.


US Citizenship Interview rescheduling

Make sure you reach the interview place before 30 min from the notified time. So that all the formalities can be done on time. Also, you can ask for rescheduling if you have any problem with time or have some other work. But for that, you will be required to submit a formal explanation at the USCIS office. Moreover, keep in mind that you may get the next date after one or two months, which can eventually delay your naturalization process.

And in case if you don’t appear for the interview and don’t contact the USCIS afterward, the department will reject your application. But you will have the time of One year to contact the USCIS department to reopen it.


Where Interview Take Place

Your US Citizenship interview call latter will tell you at which field office of USCIS your interview will take place. They generally provide you the nearest office to the address you have mentioned in your Form N-400.


How long does it take

Generally, it takes almost 20 minutes but this may vary from person to person for US citizenship Interview.



Things to carry at the Us Citizenship Interview

Well along with the appointment letter take  all the documents that have been listed below

  • Green Card
  • Driving License or any other state-issued ID
  • Passport ( current and expired)
  • Document related to Arrival record
  • Marriage certificate (If married)
  • Divorced certificate( if divorced)
  • Annulment Certificate (If any)
  • Spouse death certificate (If in case)
  • Any other document related to identity

There are also other documents that the USCIS has mentioned on their website


At the time of the US Citizenship Interview

At the time of the interview, the officer will ask you questions from the naturalization application (Form  N-400). During the process, the officer will observe you closely and look for any disparity between the verbal and written answer. Our advice is, try not to give a different answer as it may raise questions and distrust. He/she will also observe your English and comprehensive ability as the interview also includes the English proficiency test.

They may also record the interview which one can also take by applying through freedom of information act (FOIA) request.

One can also hire an independent immigration attorney who will answer your confidential questions and will also review your application form.


Post Interview

In the end, the USCIS will provide you a copy of the result and if everything goes well, the department may decide on your application the same day. In case if that doesn’t happen then they have 120 days maximum to think upon your application. Three things can happen that is approval, rejection, and continuation.


In continuation:

This only happens when the USCIS decides to have more information regarding your application or you failed to pass the US citizenship test. In both cases, you will be informed the same day and officials will ask you to come back after 60-90 for the second interview.


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